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Where and What We Filmed

Race Track, Skip Barber Racing School

Filming began with the drive up to Alex's first racing lesson at Skip Barber Racing School in Lime Rock, CT. We followed him through his three-day introductory course, and subsequent lessons at the track.

The Rebuild, Sports Car Restoration

We filmed Marty (the car) going in for the rebuild at Sports Car Restoration, and followed up on various points in the transition. This was an exhaustive rebuild. The chassis remains, but it is rebuilt to safety standards for a modern race, while being held to period-appropriate mechanics – if it wasn't available in 1976, it doesn't go in.  The team at Sports Car Restoration, led by Matt McGinn and Nate Williams, took Marty from a well-worn daily driver to a bona fide race car ready for the terrain of Mexico.

Home Life, Connecticut

Significant time was spent at Alex's home in Connecticut on the Long Island Sound, with his family, following his day-to-day. The family hit several milestones while filming. Mateo's sixteenth birthday. Indra (Alex's daughter) turned five and began kindergarten. Alex hit forty. The family is exceptionally real and unreserved. Cameras rolled during serious conversations, fights, as well as unembarrassed affection and tenderness.

Home Life, Mexico

We traveled to Mexico before the race, August 2019. We hit Oaxaca to see the start of the race route, Mexico City to interview Alex's mother (in Spanish, as she does not speak English) and see his childhood home, Tepoztlan to catch up with his school friends, and Cancun to interview Alex's father.

The Race, La Carrera Panamericana, Mexico

A full crew assembled in Oaxaca in October for the kickoff of the race.  The rally goes from Oaxaca to Durango over seven days, beginning and ending in a different locale each day. Splitting the crew, we were able to get coverage of the opening flag and finish lines, as well as picturesque and exciting points along the race routes. We employed drones, stationary cameras, steadicam rigs, and handheld camera on the back of a scooter to get a variety of shots. GoPros were placed in and outside of the car to get continuous all-day coverage.

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